Friday: July 13th
Gates Open 7am – 11:00pm ($25** – covers entire weekend for Missouri State Race)
Practice 9am-2pm ($25.00 per rider)
Early Sign Up for Saturday Missouri State Mx Championship 1pm-3pm

Gate Fee Rebate Policy
The following rebate policy will be used for people arriving early, but not staying the entire weekend:
If wristband is returned by 11:00 PM Friday – $15 rebate
If wristband is returned by 11:00 PM Saturday – $10 rebate
Important Note: You must be wearing your wristband as you leave the facility. As you exit, the front gate personnel will remove the wristband and issue the appropriate rebate. Sorry, but there are no exceptions to this procedure.

Practice Order

Expert & Intermediate Big Bike
Novice Big Bike
85’s & Fast 65’s
Beginner Big Bike
65’s & 50’s